(and Forest Park Community College)
Thursday February 17th, 2000, Edward James Olmos spoke at SIUE (Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville) which is about a half hour from here. So I had to go. That night the weather was really bad; rainy, gusty, cold, sleety -- totally awful but I was going anyway. So I loaded up the Van (aerodynamics of a brick, lots of fun on a wet, windy highway) and headed out. I found the Morris center on the SIUE campus fairly easily once I got there and managed a seat in the front row just a few seats from the center. So with the telephoto lens and 1600 speed film I managed to get some decent close-ups. And I taped his talk (almost 2 hours); several people asked me if I was a reporter because of "all the equipment" (1 camera & a little tape machine?). I told them I was freelance to avoid further questions; like "which paper?" or "why are you taking so many pictures if you're not a reporter?" It just seemed easier. eddie

who me? The audience consisted mostly of Sociology students (who had to be there) and people who came especially to see him (like me). There were a few people who simply attend every Arts & Issues program at SIUE.

Eddie's a fairly dynamic speaker, especially when he's talking about his favorite causes. He uses a lot of humor and body language to get his point across. He had the audience laughing several times even though the topics were serious.

He's as much fun to watch as listen to. He has a tendency to move around and uses wild, broad gestures while making faces at the crowd. Obviously, he's trying to make sure he holds your attention; and he does.

I wonder if his mother ever told him his face would 'freeze like that' like mine did when I used to mug and act up as a kid?

I'm cool whatcgu talking about, willis?

buy my book!
"Buy this book!"

four times, honest

but seriously

Eddie toweling off after his shower; believe it or not this image has something to do with how movies and TV affect the sub-conscious. (Think "Psycho"; the Movie, not Eddie.)

Chubby Checker would be proud

eddie & me

Eddie signed autographs afterwards and let people take photos. He signed my copy of "Americanos".  


Me & Eddie

(As usual, I look pretty bad but it's the only picture I have so here it is.)

Sunday, September 16th, 2001, Eddie returned to St. Louis to speak as a guest of the St. Louis Public Library at Forest Park Community College. Keeping in mind that this was only 5 days after the World Trade Center Disaster the attendance was light, about 50 people. But Eddie was there and so was I.

Obviously the recent events dominated the talk; even more so because of how close Eddie was to it. He was in Boston on September 10th (having just returned from Spain) speaking for the library system there. He was supposed to return to LA (he was scheduled to appear at the Latin Grammys which were subsequently cancelled) the next day (Tuesday the 11th) but changed his ticket to leave later when the library people asked if he could squeeze in one more appearance before he left. We should all be grateful he loves to talk and doesn't mind over-extending himself.

His original ticket was on Flight 11.

yeah, seriously

He only spoke for about an hour and was clearly tired and still a little shook-up. But he still wanted to be with people and was happy to sign autographs and pose for photos.

John Hancock

me & eddie
Me & Eddie
(Again, I don't look too fabulous but it's Eddie.)

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