The Costume Cops

This group idea came about back around 1993-1994 as a result of our Guild members joking about how some people should be arrested by the "Fashion Police", which evolved into Costume Cops. The concept was we would hand out "tickets" with such citations as "glittering", "looking racy while standing still" and other jokey "offenses". We even talked about handing out custom made "medals" as a way to reward hall costumes. We would then attend the cons and hang out "en masse".

Von Drago
Photo by Michael Eastman

Photo by Ken Warren

Participants would all buy the same coveralls, boots, sunglasses, and hats. From there, they would apply personal accents like bright fabrics on the shoulders, sewing implements as jewelry, etc.
People's creativity quickly carried this forward even further, resulting in each person having a "theme name", which was identified on their name label. Steve Swope decorated all in black trims and was named "Eclipse", I had a small walking costume repair kit in various pockets and belt packs ("Fixer"), Cathy Costen (aka Swope) accented in gold and was "Lucky", Nora was "Von Drago", Karen had a "butch" theme and was named "Spike", and so on. Larry Mische, Ramona Taylor, and Pierre and Sandy Pettinger also made outfits.

Costume Cops

L-R front: Karen Heim, Nora, and Cathy Peters (aka Costen, Swope, etc.)
Back row: Steve Swope, Bruce, Larry Mische, and Ramona Taylor
Photo By Sandy Pettinger