the ''Dawgs'' Hats

the clerks

During the early fall of 2000, my office had a Chili cook-off between groups of the sales representatives plus the clerks (my group). We brainstormed after I suggested that we have a whole themed presentation (just like costuming!). Someone suggested that we wear some sort of hat like the Wisconsin "cheesehead" fans. Someone else came up with chili dogs, and a dog theme and the whole thing took off, to become "The 'Dawg-gone' Good Clerks" and our "Dawg-gone Good Chili". Inspired, I volunteered to create the chilidog-shaped hats. Even though I was working on a costume for Archon concurrently, I was eager to take on the challenge to knock out 5 hats cheaply out of foam in less than a week. You can read about how I made them in the Workshop.
the spread We were very secretive about the whole project, and everyone pitched in. For our presentation, the chilidogs were sausages in a chili recipe. Spicy cookies, with a little cayenne and black pepper, cut out in the shape of chili peppers and baying dogs were "Dawg Bites", cornbread was cut out in the shape of "Dawg Bones", and the condiments and crackers were served in "Dawg dishes".
We even had a chilidog-shaped cake custom made by a French bakery. (It tasted so-so, but it looked really good.) the cake
Bow wow wow yippee i yippie a The day of the competition, we hid in a smaller office until we had everything ready. Emerging with shades, hats, food and a boombox blaring Parliament's "Atomic Dog", we paraded across the room to the amazement and envy of about 100 people.

We didn't win the cook-off, as it turned out, but we definitely had the coolest entry.

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