the "Caddyshack" Gopher

AKA "Carl's Nightmare"

AKA: "Carl's Nightmare"

   Archon 26 Judges Choice --
          "Best Humor"
The summer of 2001, I could see that yet another one of my projects wasn't going to get done in time.  So I thought I'd try throwing together a mascot-style costume -- my second furry -- in the 3 months or so I had remaining before the con.

Our friend Patrick Johnson as Carkl the Gardner I had a certain element of surprise because the title and most of the music doesn't give anything away.  The presentation was pretty simple.  The title is read, and the soundtrack starts. Patrick Johnson, my "prop" dressed as Carl, the Groundskeeper, shuffles onto stage, beat after a hard day's work, with a tool in one hand and a six-pack started in the other.  He prepares to bed down for the night. 
Carl awakens! The giant gopher sneaks onto the stage and begins to dance to the Kenny Loggins' song "I'm Alright".  Carl does a double-take and flees for his life off-stage while the gopher continues to boogie.
The gopher was a costume made from a combination of foam and fur, mostly.  If you'd like to see the process, have a look below:
Designing the costume and body construction
The "feets" & testing them with the body
Head construction and final stuph