the Knights of Oberon

Knights of Oberon - Archon This was my second costume ever. My best friend at the time, Tim Lindsey, designed these for an amateur film he had in mind. They were made mostly of vacu-formed plastic. The only pieces we bought were the chest plates, which came from Tobins Lake Studio, a theatrical supply company. Tim cast the shoulder and knee plates himself, with a home-made vacu-form machine he designed and built. The rest of the pieces were cut from sheets of styrene. The armor was worn over black sweatpants and shirts, with the leg and arm pieces velcro-ed to them.
Tim modified the armor design for Dave Lederman, a mutual friend, since he was larger than both of us. He came up with the "goggles" for me, made from stiff mylar plastic, to hide my glasses (I wasn't wearing contacts yet). For weapon props, Tim built a "sawed-off shotgun" type of pistol. For Dave, he created a sort of gauntlet and power pack device.
Brits in Space I made my own hand weapon from clear plastics and some metal bits from our favorite place for junk, Shapiro Sales Co. (also affectionately known as "The Junk Shop").

I came up with the title of the entry when we took the costumes to the Archon 13 (1989) masquerade. The Knights of Oberon were a group of soldiers mentioned in passing in an episode of "Doctor Who", but never seen. Since this was the case, no one could dispute what these people looked like.

We won an award at Archon, and Tim and I competed them one more time at a costume contest for a St. Louis media convention called "Brits in Space" later that year.

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