La Mariacha

La Mariacha

Name That Con 13 - Best In Class - Master 2000

Costume-Con 18 Historical Masquerade - Best in Class / Workmanship - Master 2000


Costume-Con 18 Historical Masquerade - Best in Class /  Presentation 2000

Just because I wanted to (and I had this truly gaudy sombrero), I recreated a Mariachi singer's traditional "Traje de Charro". It won quite a bit more than I expected it to; after all, I'd done it just for fun.

I researched the outfit almost entirely online; there aren't many books published on Mariachi. I chose to include the websites I found in my Documentation as sources since they were the only readily available ones.

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on stage Along with the hat, I purchased my boots and serape. And I was fortunate to find a set of 'botonadura' (the clasp and linked button hardware) at our local Hispanic Festival. I made the tailored suit out of black wool. I also made my blouse and tri-colored reboso tie.

For my presentation, I lip-synched to "Amor a la Mexicana" by Thalia. I researched a lot into real Mariachi music, but liked this one better. It has a very distinct pop-feel while still sounding a lot like traditional Mexican music. The audience liked it, too.


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