A great-aunt of mine, who was dying 
of cancer, apparently had a Death Bed Vision. 
At one point, shortly before she died, she 
expressed surprise to suddenly see some of 
her dead brothers and sisters (while still 
in her hospital room).  She also saw some 
of the cats she had cared for over the years.
                    Bruce Mai 
                    (from a story told to 
                    my mother by her aunt's 


    Now, about your pets. the first thing to say is that as they all have 
souls, they pass into spirit like the rest of us. We have everything here 
just as you have on Earth. Jesus said that the time would come when 
the lion would lie down with the lamb. this is where it happens. Your 
pet, because you loved it, loves you, and this is the bond between us all 
which makes certain we meet again when the time comes. Do not fear, 
there are people over here who look after pets and make sure they 
settle down. There are people who love all animals and for this reason 
they do this job and do it well. If you could see your pet at play it 
would do your heart good. Like the rest of us it is young again and all 
its old ills have gone, left behind in its Earth body.

   Do you ever think about all the poor animals that are killed for food? 
God created them for man to eat, but He did not expect that man would 
cause them such suffering in the process. We are all very grieved, over 
here, when we see the way these animals are treated. There is absolutely
no reason or excuse for it. Cruelty of any kind is a sign of a base nature 
and will not do the owner much good over here. Farming today, in
some cases, has taken a very bad turn for the worse. In the name of 
progress, some are causing great suffering. We speak about calves being 
taken from their mothers too early and then kept in a confined space so 
that, when the time comes for them to leave, they find it difficult to 
walk. Then the way they are fed causes them suffering. Powdered milk 
is not what  they need and  man  knows it.  Let me tell you this, all 
suffering is bad. Bad for the sufferer and bad for the soul of he who
causes the suffering and it does not matter lo whom or what. The soul 
causing all this suffering must pay .for it in order to be returned to 
normal health. Do not cause suffering to man or beast is our best advice 
to you for it must be paid for. There are plenty of people over here who 
wish they had taken this advice. I have taken one example, the calf, but 

much suffering is caused to all creatures used for food, and this is bad for 
those causing it and society as a whole. Your Government must be 
made to know that the people will not stand for it and strict laws must 
be passed to have it stopped. I cannot reiterate it strongly enough, 
suffering in any form, is an evil and those who cause it will realize it 
when the time comes to leave the body. The colour of their spirit body 
will not be a pleasant sight. My advice to you is to do all you can to have 
it stopped. You have the R.S.P.C.A. as your first step. Support them, 
they are doing a good job, and we know it. 

Did we see any rabbits or other wild life on our way to the school you
may ask! Yes we did, plenty, and it was remiss of me not to mention
them. All these creatures are here and, like everyone else, are enjoying
their life very much. All the fear has gone out of their lives at last so they
are able to play about, in the open, as they so love to do. They have a lot
of fun and so do we watching them, and the children love them most of
all. I have told you that you will meet your pets again when you come
on and so you will. All have souls and will endure just as you and I. 
They will, however, always remain animals.  They cannot develop
in any other way, and I do not think they would have it differently. They
love you just as you love them, and as always it is this bond which keeps
you together. They will wait for you to arrive over here, like the rest of
us, and a real old fuss there will be when you do.  This idea of their souls
going into a kind of pool and then back to Garth is wrong.  In a sense
they are people and as such go on. as people. I hope I have put your mind

at rest on this point. They come to Earth to see you quite often. They
come with your guides and friends, in fact, sometimes there are more
animals around you than people, especially if you love them. They may
not all be yours but you may have made friends with them over the
years. I tell you, love is the thing that decides so much in this life.  In fact
it needs a chapter on its own and will get it.

             Passages from
             Everyone's Guide to the Hereafter
             (Messages from Beyond from Ken Akehurst,
             through the Spiritualist G. M. Roberts)


Zed's Return

In 1989 we decided to adopt a kitten someone was
giving away. After being told that the skinny, bedraggled
kitten was old enough to be adopted, we took it
to our veterinarian and learned it was only 5 weeks
old and would need special care to survive.

Four months later when we returned to the veterinarian's
office, he was amazed at how healthy the kitten was.
We made an appointment to come back and have Zed neutered
when he was 6 months old. Over the next few weeks. Zed
slowly stopped eating, became sluggish, lost several teeth
and showed signs of pain when he walked. We returned to
the veterinarian and were devastated by a diagnosis of
feline leukemia. Because Zed was in pain, we made the
difficult decision to have him euthanized. We were
heartbroken and said we would never get another cat.

Then one stormy night in the fall, we heard a loud
meowing outside our country home. It continued for
so long, we decided to go outside to check.  Our dog.
found the kitten under the car. After having some
difficulty catching her, we took the frightened kitten
inside. That night she ate a meal of chopped steak and
milk. Our son slept on the floor with her, and she began
to purr.

This new little kitten's markings were eerie. She was
like two cats: Half her markings matched Zed's, and the
other half were her own. She liked to sleep in the same
places Zed used to like. Like Zed, she came when you
whistled "Mary had a little lamb," but not when you
called, "Here kitty, kitty." And Tabby, as we decided to call
her, found hiding places only Zed had known about.

One evening while sitting on the floor with Tabby, our son
commented on all the similarities between Tabby and Zed. He
said it was as though Zed were reincarnated in Tabby. He
softly called, "Zed, Zed, Zeddie." Tabby immediately stood
up and crawled into his lap. We all got goose bumps and
looked at each other through tear-filled eyes.

                                                        Sandra Pierce

  The Hebrew word for the soul is "nephesh," and the
Greek word, "psyche." The two words mean the same
thing, and the Greek word "psyche" is the only word in
the New Testament which is translated "soul." There
is a biblical passage that reads: "To every beast of the
earth and to every fowl of the air and to everything that
creepeth upon the earth wherein there is a living soul."

  Commenting on this passage. Reverend Dr. E. P. Bush
states: "The phrase living soul' is repeatedly applied to
the inferior order of animals. It would seem to mean the
same when spoken of man that it does when spoken of
beasts, viz, an animated being, a creature possessed of
life and sensation,  and capable of performing all the
physical functions by which life is distinguished, and we
find no terms in the Bible to distinguish the intellectual
faculties of man from the brute creatures."

                                                           Rev.  E.D. Buckner

"I feel sorry for mislead Christians who think
the Godhead has no love for their creature
children and believe that only humans have souls.
As I said, Michael Archangel said, 'The Godhead
does not create nay incomplete thing. ' If it
lives on Earth, it has a soul! Beyond life, who
one loves is instantly drawn to one. So, yes,
indeed, those who lost beloved pets will see
them again..."
                       Mary Seiler
                       Pahrump, NV  10/93
                       Angel experiencer
      "A 10 year-old girl had a full
cardiopulmonary arrest while in intensive
care unit after spinal surgery. She described
her experience 2 years later, stating she was
'peaceful and relaxed', and remembered
seeing a whitish-blue light at the end of
a tunnel. She saw the shadow of a dog, and
also a white lamb that was loving, and gentle,
which led her back to her body. Her parents
reported that at age 2, she had a lamb that
doubled as a music box that was her favorite
stuffed animal."

                      Dr. Melvin Morse
                      Current Problems in Pediatrics
                      Vol.24, No.2, P.62, Feb.'94


A few weeks previously, we had lost our dear cat, Dina under the
wheels of a car . . . and .her loss upset me dreadfully. She was part
of the family, but I decided that I would again open my door to
another feline creature, and we purchased two adorable Brown
Burmese which we named Aquarius and Scorpio.

Dina's original basket was in use again - and it was placed, as
always, just by the radiator in the lounge. At that particular time, my
sister and brother-in-law were visiting us, and it must have been
around the 10 p.m. mark when suddenly, Aquarius' and Scorpio's
hackles were raised several inches! They appeared to be staring at

he basket. Their backs were arched - they were spitting, and I
immediately thought that each had offended the other in some way.
They went on for some four or five minutes . . .

Given the evening's performance, I said to my husband, after
our guests had left, that I hoped our pets would not offend each
other too often. He replied quietly that he had seen Dina sitting in
her basket quite happily, gazing round the room and finally staring
at him, at which point she faded out as noiselessly as she had
come. I asked why on earth he hadn't said anything at the time,
to which he replied that it would only have upset me - which was true.



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