the Rites of Spring

onstage Just a silly little something we put together for Archon one year. Basically the Lucky Charms "marbits" as Irish 'maidens'. Very cheesy, bad pun. But fun! And we pretended we could dance, too. Imagine the hilarity!
L to R: Pink Hearts (Genie Hillen), Orange Stars (Larry Mische), Yellow Moons (Pat Bothman), Green Clovers (me!), Blue Diamonds (Karen Heim) and Purple Horseshoes (Ramona Taylor). backstage
And here's the really funny part... we won! Best in Class - Journeyman.
Must not have been much competition that year.


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And for CC16 we used the Irish Dress for the Single Pattern Contest, so we got to do it again.

Additional photos by Linda Zang & Ken Warren