the Bowling Shirt Project

As is so often the case, people get "inspired" after a CostumeCon. Some of us were sitting around after CC16 talking and someone commented that the Hanten (a simple t-shaped jacket) is the Japanese equivalent of the bowling shirt. Corporations give them to their employees to commemorate a company anniversary or production goal achieved to inspire company spirit and unity. They often bear the company logo and slogan or name. So everyone feels like they're on the same "team" and wear the same shirt. Just like a bowling team.

Somehow, this cultural commentary became the inspiration for the Sluts' next group costume -- The Artists' Bowling League.

Archon October 1998

L to R: Nora, Larry and Ramona

Starting with a basic line drawing of a bowling ball, lane and flying pins we recreated that image (keeping to the original scale and proportion) in the style of a classic or well-known artist of our choice. The Artist and media (paint, embroidery, collage, etc.) are up to the creator (although we're maintaining a reserved list so we don't get any duplicates) but there are some guidelines.
First, almost any camp-shirt pattern will do; it must have be self-faced, have two side pleats for the back at the yoke and a front pocket. Either a rounded or side-split tail works. We recommend Palencia Broadcloth in Berry for the body and sleeves, Black for the collar and White for the center back. Since we're a Team we are trying for a fairly uniform look so they're all stitched with black thread, have black buttons, and have the Artist's name embroidered over the pocket in black. And we all used the same line drawing to work from so that the proportions remained constant (If you want to play, we can send you a copy of the artwork we used).

And of course you can accessorize! We recommend a black artist's beret with some flash (an arty pin or badge), brushes in your pocket, a sketchbook in hand, a distracted Artiste expression on your face. Bruce carries his bowling ball bag as a tote for all his con-junk when he wears his shirt. You can wear your shirt buttoned-up or open over a tank or t-shirt, with jeans and tennis shoes (or bowling -type shoes). The main element is the Shirt, recognizably like everyone else's. The point is to create a "presence", even when you're not with the Group you want to be sure that people who see you will say...

"Oh, you're one of THOSE people!"

And then there were 10....

NTC April 2000

(Not shown: Genie & Susan E.)

Back Row (L to R): Bruce H., Cathy, Larry, Steve, and Ramona Front Row: Bruce M., Karen, and Nora


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