Spirit Warriors of Atlantis

Photo by Michael Eastman?

Archon 13 - 1989

The concept was we were spirits of great warriors that Atlantians called upon in battle.

My third costume, ever.  Tim Lindsey and I modified vacu-formed armor breastplates from Tobins Lake Studios, which is a good place to get vac-formed theatrical props and costume pieces. The mask was adapted from one Tim had vac-formed.I learned a couple of skills with this costume - how to knit (faux chainmail out polypropelene cord - courtesy of instructions by Tobins Lake), and how to sew (the pants).

Nora used a helmet, belt detail and greaves from Tobins Lake, plus sewed her clothing and made her chainmail. More detail to come.

I was particularly proud of how the louvered shoulder guards came out. They were inspired by Roman lornica armor. They pivoted up and down when I raised and lowered my arms.  Early in our costuming "career", we made several mistakes that Novice costumers often commit.  Even back in 1989, "barbarian-warrior" types had become costuming clichés, no matter how cool the costumes may have looked.

Archon's venue was still more of a costume contest than a "masquerade", so there were no workmanship awards. That meant that craftsmanship was not taken into account. And our introduction for the MC to read was way too long and wordy, which is the kiss of death.