the Dalek Supreme

Fred the Dalek at Chicon in 1991
Chicon V, 1991

Archon 9 - Best Derived Media 1984 (Version 1)


TARDIScon '85 - Best of Show 1985 (Version 1)

TARDIScon '88 - Best of Show 1988 (Version 2)
(With Tim Lindsey as Davros)

Chicon V - Best Recreation 1991 (Version 2)
(with Tim Lindsey)

Believe it or not, this was my first costume.

When I first decided I wanted to make a costume, I was thinking about some sort of robot. I toyed with the idea of a "Rapist Robot", from the movie Flesh Gordon.  Gawd knows how that would have gone over, even back in '84.  About that time, though, the Doctor Who TV show had begun airing in St. Louis.

(For those who don't know what a Dalek is, they're essentially nasty little mutants who ride around in something akin to well-armed bumper cars.)

Fred the Dalek at TARDIScon 1989 with Colin Baker, Michael Keating and John Leeson
TARDISCON 1989 - Fred with stars Michael Keating (L), Colin Baker (R) &
John Leeson (LR)

In any case, it took me approximately 2 years on and off to build. I had the advantage of still living at home with my parents then, and I'd just been hired by my current employer, at a good wage. Doing as much studying of photos and reading about their construction as I could, I made it out of wood, metal, plastic and a barbecue grill (among other things). I also revised it a couple of years later. "Fred" (as he came to be called), weighs close to 200 pounds.

My dad said once that, with as much money as I'd spent on materials, tools, research, etc., I could've bought myself a good used car. He was probably right, but I had a heck of a lot more fun with Fred.

(If you're interested in a detailed account of how I built Fred, come down to the Basement Workshop.)

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