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This is where we keep the computer.  It's where we do our work on the various websites we maintain.   Casa Mai is one way to enjoy spending time working on a shared project.. 
The software we originally used for creating the website was called Web Studio, by Sierra On-Line, Inc.  Web Studio was pretty easy to learn, and costs about half the price of many other sophisticated programs.

Since Nora went back to school and learned about computer software applications, we converted the site over to Frontpage 2000.   It has some pretty nifty features for publishing to the web, but we would still recommend Web Studio to someone who is a beginner at building a website.  We just outgrew it.

By the way, as far as web hosts are concerned, we recommend the one where Casa Mai resides --  They're very low cost (as low as $7.50 per month), they have great tech support, support Frontpage extensions, and their server is never down.

Fun Links
We've come across some websites that may not be directly related to our interests, but we thought they were worthwhile visiting. Actually we've found a lot of fun stuff so we've created a whole page of links.  Wanna' see what we think is FUN?
Twisted Links
After collecting fun links for awhile, we accumulated a few that went beyond fun, into the realm of bizarre, disturbing and just plain wrong.  Interested?


Nora's toys....
I'll put some pictures up later but you can expect some mention of Stuffies, Realm of the Claw, Hot Wheels, Homies and even some Barbies (but only the really cool ones).

Bruce's toys....
Gossamer bank

Bruce sez, "This marginal 
Warner Brothers character is sort of
interesting to me. I keep
threatening to do a
costume of him someday.
I collect good images of
him." At right is his
Gossamer doll and left a
ceramic bank.

Gossamer doll

Computer Games
Black & White
Bruce had been eagerly anticipating this new computer game that was in the works for 2 or 3 years. In some ways like the popular "The Sims", the premise is that the player is essentially a "god" of a civilization of their choosing on the island of Eden. The player gains power by worship of the natives. Using a unique spell-casting system with a computer mouse, the "god" can choose whether to be good or evil, helpful or spiteful. In turn, the land and its people reacts to and reflects the god/player's interaction: The civilization prospers, the lands develop and temples to worship the god/player are built. In addition, the god develops and trains an animal titan to protect and/or enforce the will of the god. Things get more complicated with other civilizations worshipping rival gods, with disputes that may involve war between the gods. A fascinating, open-ended game. The graphics are way cool. Even Nora's played with it.

It's produced by Lionhead Studios.   There have since been two new additions to the original game.   For more information, see their site..

One of the most fun and fascinating things about "Black and White" is the highly sophisticated degree of artificial intelligence programmed into the game. There is a cause and effect for virtually anything that the player interacts with. And one of the most fun things for us is interacting with our titan (we're both training a tiger).

One particular archived fan site devoted to playing B & W has a section just for stories of players interacting with their titans. You don't have to play the game to appreciate and laugh at the anthropomorphic antics of The Creature Stories.

"Have You Seen......?"
We hope lots of people visit our virtual home, and since everyone has different contacts and knows people and places, this is where we'll put up an inquiry about finding something we're seaching for. If you can help us, please drop us a note.
Mask tie Bruce's recreation of Jim Carrey's

"The Mask" was pretty accurate, right down to the exact tie worn. The one thing he hasn't been able to find is the suspenders. He'd still love to locate them, to complete the outfit. Have you seen them?

Do you have a recording of Aerosmith's "Blind Man" video? Bruce's Dad's street organ was featured in it (not his Dad, though). His Dad has never seen the video. If you could pass along a copy of it to us, his Dad would really like to see it, since he's never seen the finished product.
  Speaking of fame and fortune, Bruce's mom, Beverly Mai, is now a published author.  She's written a book call Kate of Kentucky: Land of Blood and Plenty.   If you have an interest in historical fiction, you might want to check it out.  It's available at most book sellers.

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