A quick reference to all of our "links" pages in one convenient
place.  You'll still have to go to that page but this might
make it a little easier to find a particular site you know we
had listed somewhere on our site.

Some of our favorite sites for reference and help.

Personal and Professional Costumer Websites; lots and lots of pictures.

Based on Japanese anime, this costuming sub-group has a huge following and it's number are growing all the time.

Silly, fun; stuff that makes us smile.

How-to's and pictures of the whole Fursuit (Furry costuming) scene.

...and Gothy stuff.
Some of my interests. 
New Samba
links amongst the Dance links.... very flashy!
... and odd stuph we've found.

More information on this traditional Mexican (and US) holiday.

Want to know how to build a Dalek?
Start here.

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