Adventures with Professor Pike

Being the journal of A. A. Spencer

To record our adventures and explorations both physical and scientific. Also included herein will be some history and philosophies of myself and the Professor to prove our sincerity and honest endeavor as regards our pursuits, lest the casual reader assume that we are some sort of blithe dilettantes traversing the globe for our own simple amusement. 
I shall begin with a brief disclosure of our backgrounds, at least as much as is proper, so that the reader might feel they know us somewhat better, as in a discourse between friends and colleagues.
My first encounter with a ghost that I can recall
Being a precociously self-aware child at an early age, I can clearly recall incidents that happened around me as early as 3 years of age with total clarity & detail. When I was five years old I had my first encounter with a ghost; a word I'm told is wildly inaccurate given that there are scientifically quantifiable terms that more accurately convey a particular type of phenomenon. But all I knew as a child was that one day when I walked into the parlor, Great Uncle Leonides Palm was sitting there reading the news as he did every day. His usual routine, except that he had passed on some two years previously. Helpfully, I pointed this out to him but he explained that he didn't see why something so basic as having passed over should prevent him from keeping up with current events. We've had many a pleasant chat since that day and I often feel that some of my most memorable conversations have been with Uncle Leonides.
I suppose I should explain that on my mother's side, my family has many members who are quite sensitive to what is considered paranormal activity. This family trait has certainly contributed to the person I am today. My darling Grandmother has always been interested in ghosts and other paranormal phenomenon, perhaps inspired by the familial abilities. But I believe her ultimate goal continues to be contacting my late grandfather, the renowned Antiquities Scholar Dr. Eustachys Palm. The ongoing presence of Uncle Leonides only serves to inspire her to greater efforts, to the continuing dismay of my mother. And my Aunt Chrysanthe, who still lives with my grandmother, is certainly of no assistance due to her own abilities. She often serves as a Communicant for those who have passed over, delivering messages to those who are still on this side of the veil. Uncle Leonides likes to point out that if a spirit wishes to communicate they wouldn't need any help from her. 
As for my mother, she vehemently denies any interest or abilities as regards any paranormal activity. She claims to have no belief in any of it and publicly agrees with my father's pronouncements that it is all "Bunk-um!" 
But I know she's seen Uncle Leonides.

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