the New Stuph

Re-styling the whole SLCG portion of the site - new look; being gradually re-done which will take some time but look fresher once done.
Steampunk!  We (and the SLCG) are working on Steampunk Stuff.
Within Casa Mai, we've added The Journal of A.A. Spencer, one of our intrepid adventurers.
In the SLCG site there will be pages on the Airship Sartoraeus - her Crew & Passengers
The biggest change (i.e. most work) - we've re-done the navigation system so (hopefully) our visitors can find what they're looking for more easily.  With the new blueprint of the house you can jump to any main page from a hotspot or use the linked item lists below it.  Check out the Site Map and Links page to quickly find what you're looking for (there's more Links pages, too).

We've also added a couple of "rooms" to the house,  the Garage, and the Backyard, so there's more room to roam around.  Have a good time exploring.

We're very slowly starting a massive update to the site.  The changes will be very subtle at first.  The first of them will hopefully just bring more guests to our "home".  It'll be more noticeable when you start to see that we've increased the resolution of all of the pictures on the site - a daunting task in itself.  So in the future, if you've wanted more detail - especially of our costume photos - you'll get your wish!

We've added a few new costume photos to Gallery 1 and the Archives, plus Bruce uploaded a couple of pics of his latest transportation.  (July 7, 2007)
It's been a while, but it's been posted to the Study: the infamous presentation "Earth vs. the Full Monty"!    (January 10, 2007)

Added a link to Bruce's cousin's website.      (January 8, 2006)


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